Getting started with Python

We speak Python too! Enjoy the tools we built with you in mind.


Make your first payment in seconds with bunq Python Tinker

Just run this command to auto connect to sandbox! Switch to production by simply scanning a QR code.

bash <(curl -s to copy!

Integrate easily via the bunq Python SDK

1. Install the bunq Python SDK.

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pip install bunq_sdk --upgradeClick to copy!

2. Create an API Context.

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apiContext = context.ApiContext(ENVIRONMENT_TYPE, API_KEY,
context.BunqContext.loadApiContext(apiContext)Click to copy!

3. List monetary accounts.

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pagination = Pagination()
pagination.count = count
all_monetary_account_bank = endpoint.MonetaryAccountBank.list(
).valueClick to copy!

4. List payments.

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pagination = Pagination()
pagination.count = count
return endpoint.Payment.list(params=pagination.url_params_count_only).valueClick to copy!

5. Make a payment.

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payment_id = endpoint.Payment.create(
    amount=Amount('1.00', 'EUR'),
    counterparty_alias=Pointer('EMAIL', ''),
    description='Some money because you\'re awesome.'
)Click to copy!