#1 bank for developers

You have full control over your money: both programmatically and from the app. Everything is fast, simple and clear.


Open a bank account in 5 minutes

It's only so long because we collect data to ensure the highest security for your money.


Get started with the API in seconds

Connect to sandbox by running a command. Switch to production by scanning a QR-code.


Build your own banking experience

Write code that motivates to exercise more, forces you to stay on budget, or automates what happens when you send or receive money. Anything is possible with the bunq API!


A bank account with full API access

Programmable cards

All your cards are programmable. Manage any bunq card through the API. Mastercard, Maestro, Tap & Pay, Travel and Online cards -- choose any!


Instant worldwide payments

Either using the app or the API. Scheduled, recurring, single -- any kind of transaction is possible.


Programmable account settings

Do what you want with your money. Create and manage sub-accounts. Share your bank and savings accounts with your buddy or partner.


Competent supportive community

Our forum moderators are developers who know and love our app and API. They have been there and can help.


We speak your language

bunq is built by fellow developers. We solve similar problems, speak the same programming languages, and use our app ourselves.